Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's time for Tea!

Oh I am so happy I found my newest inspiration. Although it is really not hard for me to be inspired...still, when it happens it's like.. "YES!!!"

Here it is.  I CANNOT wait to share the apron creation that's gonna come from this! ;)

Stay tuned!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Oh... I 'heart' 'Raquel' :) I do. I really do.  First let me say that the inspiration behind every single one of my designs is always, absolute love and adoration for two things, a woman's natural beauty and also my desire to highlight that same beauty.  I don't know... but I actually think a woman is sexier not in heels and some costume like outfit mixed in with a lot of fuss and make up, etc... I truly think a woman can be sexy in jeans, sweats, boots, hair up in a bun, or maybe down and loose.. as long as SHE feels amazing, relaxed and pretty.  And it is the designer's job to channel precisely THAT exact moment, and if done right.. voila!! you have a beautiful design and a beautiful woman excited to wear it and flaunt it.

I love the color red and as you can see, I use it in a lot of my designs.  Not all of course, but it is perhaps one of the most prominent colors you will find in my design palette.  I love red.  There's no mincing with red, there's no hiding, there's no figuring, there's no hesitation, there's no doubt.  There's just joy, confidence and to me, the word that screams when I see red is, 'Yes' and I love that!.

And thus one day I thought about this woman.. this woman who is successful, hardworking, confident in everything she does but also appreciative of the little things, like the handmade handkerchief her great-grandmother made her when she was a child and that she keeps on her dresser and can't help but notice it every day she brushes her hair or hangs her jewelry by the mirror.  This woman does her best to plan meals ahead because time is of the essence, and she also does cartwheels with her children at a moment's request.  And the more I thought about her, the more I wanted to dress her and celebrate her beauty and personality and in that moment, 'Raquel' was born (or perhaps conceived, depending on how you look at it :).

I ♥ 'Raquel'.  I do. I really do :) and I hope you love her too. 


Saturday, December 1, 2012


The time has come for us to host our first ever GIVEAWAY!! Yes, it is our first and if you are a fan of Desiree Alonso aprons, homemaking and all things Holiday,  you have lucked out because you stand to win a FREE handmade designer apron.  Not just that, but while other designers and shops who hosts giveaways pick the prizes for you, I am inviting YOU to pick your own favorite one out of the collection at  And yes, we will get it to you by Christmas so you can debut it with your loved ones and look absolutely spectacular!

So, read the rules.. best of luck to you, get set... and go!!!